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We at Sai Krishna Impacts are premium exporters of Garlic around the world. Our high quality standard makes it easy for you to choose from the best ones. We are one of the largest exporters of garlic, Which is produced mostly in Madhya Pradesh, M.P. (India). There are very few crops in the world that are used in so many different ways, Garlic is one of the well known crop which is not only famous for its medicinal values but people have also used it to rub their bodies. Worn it around their necks, draped it on household walls and even prayed to it. Apart from that Garlic is the most recommended crop to cure many human ailments such as Common Cold and Flu, Headaches, heart disease, cancer, and many more. Its potential is limitless. Garlic has been an important crop in the Indian agricultural field. As you might have known our ancestors believed more in herbal crops than any other drugs to cure ailments. Garlic powder taken in small quantities can be a good source for “Allicin” which is a pungent oily liquid that gives crushed garlic cloves their characteristic smell, and has been shown to be the antibacterial agent due to its active sulphur.

There are many other benefits of garlic such as it is more popular for its Antibacterial and Antiviral properties. It helps to maintain your immunity to many diseases such as Fungal, Yeast and more. It is used to cure skin problems such as if you are injured, you should directly crush the garlic and apply it to the injured area. It also helps in other factors such as Blood clotting, Reduces blood pressure, Protects heart, Reduces cholesterol, Combat allergies, Effective against warts and corns, Reduces Atherosclerotic buildup (Plaque) within the arterial system, Garlic helps to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body and the list just goes on and on.

Garlic is one of the oldest crop in the world. It has its origin in Central Asia. It is a vital spice in various dishes all over the world. India is one of the largest producers of garlic in the world. It has several names in different places. In India Gujarat is the leading garlic producer.

Uses and Benefits

Garlic is mainly used for seasoning in many cuisines across the globe. It is mixed with bread to make different varieties of dishes such as crostini, garlic bread and others. It has a wide historical medicinal use. It is often known to prevent heart disorders. It also helps in regulating blood sugar level to a great extent. In many religions garlic is considered to stimulate humans in many aspects.


Onions have been an ace ally in the fight against diseases. Never mind the tears it brings, the benefits are more worth it than the tears. The phytochemicals in the Onions helps in improving the Vitamin C in your body, helping you to improve immunity. It contains chromium, which helps in regulating blood sugar.