Sai Krishna Impacts has been exporting high quality garlic around the world since last ten years. Our high quality garlic offer you an opportunity to choose best quality garlic and make us India’s largest Garlic exporter. All we have been looking that from many years garlic is being considered as one of dominant business in terms of revenue. We have seen that Garlic is produced in all over the world but its majority in south Asia. India is one of the largest garlic exporters in all over the world. We are exporting garlic in the most of the countries of the world such as Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Our Garlic exporting services includes best quality garlic as well Garlic Powder, Garlic flakes, Garlic clove, Onion, Mustard, Methi and Wheat. We exports garlic as well Garlic Powder, Garlic flakes, Garlic clove, Onion, Mustard, Methi and Wheat in the most of the counties of world.


Our best quality garlic is being exported all around world which is makes us India’s biggest premier garlic exporter. It takes vital space in many dishes and products like crostini, garlic bread and Garlic juice, Garlic Oil. Its Powder is not famous in India but also all over the world and used in many cooking restaurant to make best dishes.


Our Exporting services also include the best quality Onion and Its cultivated all around the world. It is mainly considered as vegetable and mixed in many dishes. Even Onion juice is used to sprinkle on crops to make them pest resistant.


Mustard crop is famous in India. It is mostly produced in India and Canada. Mustard Seeds are mainly used in cooking and its Oil is used for body massage for small children during winters. It is a Dominant source of protein and Oil It can be mixed with lemon juice and honey to make gargle solution and reliefs sore throat.


Methi is known in the world by its popular name Fenugreek. It used to make dishes and eaten as vegetable. It has the property to increase the milk production in nursing mothers.


We export Wheat in many countries. It was produced mostly in Ethiopian highlands but now days it is produced in many countries. It is used to make food and it is the main source of carbohydrates. Wheat can be used in many ways like to make bread and other staple food like pasta, spaghetti and more, it is also used to make alcoholic beverages.