Onion Exporter in M.P.


Onion is the bulb of the onion plant. It is cultivated all around the world. It is cooked and eaten and is considered to be a vegetable. It has a strong flavour and is used in most of the non-vegetarian dishes. It has its roots in central Asia and is spread by barbarian tribes.

Uses and Benefits

Onions have been an ace ally in the fight against diseases. Onions have been used in different cultures in various aspects. It was considered as a symbol of eternal life by ancient Egyptians. It was often prescribed for infertility in women in late 19th century. Onion juice is often sprinkled to crops to make them pest resistant. Onions have antioxidant property which helps to fight spreading of cancer. It can be lethal to animals if they consume onions. Onion plants are also known to keep moles away from a cultivated field and thus it is grown with the crops together.